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This is the World-Times script. With the help of this clock script you can simultaneously view the time in 5 different cities covering 5 different continents. In all you can find out the time in 178 given cities situated in the 6 major continents. Just choose the city from the respective drop down menus and the time and date will automatically be displayed in the text box immediately below. There are radio buttons which give the users the option to either see the time in the 12 Hour or 24 Hour format. This script supports Daylight Saving Time (DST). The script can be set to open with the times of particular cities in each group showing.

Africa The Americas Asia Australasia Europe
Local Time:             Local Date:

Buttons Key: i: Info, r: Reset.
+ symbol after the date means the script has added DST.

Note: The calculation of DST is a complex affair as there are various DST rules for different countries and these rules can be arbitrarily changed by the respective governments and also the DST rules may not be implemented uniformly across a nation. Keeping this in mind a checkbox is provided to enable users to disable the DST computation.

Author: Sandeep Gangadharan
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