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Among folks who are interested in fitness and related issues there are generally two categories, those who like weights and those who do not like weights. This prejudice for or against training with weights is often due mostly to wrong ideas or reasoning which we need not get into. Formally this Fitness Page was about a Simple Home Workout with weights. The weights being a humble pair of dumb-bells keeping with the premise that most people interested in such a weight programme would not like to go to a gym or spend money on fancy equipment.

The reason for this Fitness Page all along being a schedule with weights was that most people seemed to have the notion that without weights per se a workout could not be considered complete or worthwhile. I do concur with the view but not in the strict sense. Meaning that I do believe a weight is required but not necessarily in the form of free weights like dumb-bells or bar-bells etc. But that one could also very effectively use ones own body-weight to build-up strength, stamina and flexibility, and thus complete overall physical fitness.

Ever since the weight schedule was put up I noticed many folks coming to my Fitness Page via search engines looking for a 'simple home workout without weights'. This interest of a few in a workout routine without weights did get me thinking about catering to such folks as well, especially since my own fitness schedule largely revolves around callisthenics. So in the interest of both categories of fitness enthusiasts I have now included workouts with and without weights, the selection of which can be done by clicking the relevant links provided below.

 With Weights 
  Without Weights 

* It is to be remembered that there will be, to a certain extent, a commonality of content between the two schedules.
This being mostly about the benefits of weights (body-weight or free weights) and motivation.

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* Disclaimer: The exercises and/or advice contained in this Fitness Page (site) might prove to be harmful or strenuous for some people due to various factors. Reader's are advised to consult a physician before beginning any fitness routine.
The author/webmaster of this Fitness Page is not in any way responsible whatsoever for any injury or health problems that might arise or occur after following the fitness routine detailed herein.