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Terms of Use

All scripts available here are original scripts written by the author himself and are protected by international copyright laws. The terms of use listed below will have to be accepted by those who shall be using these scripts:

  1. The scripts found here may be used on both personal and commercial web sites free of charge. However, users may not specifically sell these scripts or add them to a product on sale without the expressed written permission of the author. These scripts may also not be put up at another script archive without prior permission of the author.

  2. Users must agree not to remove the copyright notice inside each script. This notice is the one that appears inside the <script> tag of each script as reproduced below:

       <!-- Copyright 200_, Sandeep Gangadharan -->
       <!-- For more free scripts go to -->

    If users wish to insert the scripts into external .js files, the copyright notices can be retained as usual within the <script> tags as shown below:

       <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="script.js">
        <!-- Copyright 200_, Sandeep Gangadharan -->
        <!-- For more free scripts go to -->

  3. Although the use of these scripts are not in any way harmful to any machines, the users must agree not to hold the author liable for any damage resulting from either the proper or improper use of any of the scripts. i.e. the use of these scripts is at the users own risk.

It would be very much appreciated if a link back to the author's home page is included although it is not required.

If you use any of the scripts listed here it will be understood that you have read and agreed to the above usage terms and conditions.

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