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A few original scripts that are free for anyone to use

The scripts available here can either be used as standalones or can help you enhance your web pages. These scripts have been created keeping in mind their usability, practicability, and compatibility. For user convenience the scripts have been divided into six different categories. Any bug reports will be appreciated. Do remember to retain the copyright notice within each script in your HTML document.

The scripts contained here have been tested using Firefox/IE5+/NS6+/Opera/Safari
browsers on the Windows platform and NS6+ on Linux.


Script Count: 195
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A link below each script takes you to a text document of the script. If you right click on it (click and hold down on Macs), you will get a menu that will let you save the document to your hard drive. Or you can just follow the link and copy and paste the code that your browser displays.

Note: Not all the scripts contained here are pure JavaScript. Some are DHTML scripts written in JavaScript. Dynamic HTML is a combination of technologies, including scripting languages like JavaScript, that adds dynamic features to web pages.

I also create custom scripts at reasonable rates. Contact me if you want a quote.

* JavaScript is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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