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Button Pop-up Links Menu

Hovering on the top-left of this page is a button that opens a links menu. The menu can be made to open in any desired place near or around the button. In the given example it is set to open right below the button thus looking like an extention of the button! This script while being a unique navigation menu also saves space as the button that opens the pop-up can be conveniently tucked away in a corner. Also you can add any number of links to the menu to best suit your needs. When the button is clicked the text of the button also changes to reflect whether the menu is visible or hidden. As the button and menu are within layers they can be placed anywhere in the HTML document; even hovering on top of either text or images! Alternately you can also use this script to show or hide not just links but also credits or other information.

Author: Sandeep Gangadharan
Home Page:

The script is given below:

This goes in the HEAD of the html file:

This goes in the BODY of the html file:

Change the value of 'top' and 'left' in the layers properties below to place the link in the desired position on the page