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This is just an example of the Contact Form. It is fully functional but has a dud E-Mail address. When the Submit button is clicked the script will validate all the entries and if right will send the recipient an E-Mail with all the information as filled in the form by the sender. If the entries are wrong the user will be alerted about it. In addition to the information filled in by the sender the recipient will also receive information about the senders OS, Browser, Browser Version as well as the Resolution of the monitor used. When the form is filled and successfully sent the user will automatically be sent back to the page from where he/she came to the Contact Form page.

The E-Mail address will have to be changed as also the Subject line that you wish to have. This can be done by editing the contents of the FORM field. The Contact Form script is fully customisable as explained in the script. You can add or delete as many fields as you want. Additional fields can be added by editing the HTML and validated by copying the existing code while changing the INPUT name.

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Contact Form
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