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Alarm Clock with Snooze

This is an updated version of the Alarm Clock. This Alarm script includes the snooze feature. To avail of snooze just click the checkbox provided and choose the number of minutes from the drop down menu. A small pop-up window will open at the time the alarm is set and the chosen sound file is played. At the given intervals set in minutes the alarm will be repeated. It should be remembered that the pop-up window should not be closed when the alarm first rings, but the pop-up can be minimised. If minimised the pop-up will automatically bring itself to focus at the time set.
Note: The user's browser must have the appropriate plugin installed in order to hear the alarm if the 'Play music' option is chosen!

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Author: Sandeep Gangadharan
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The script is given below:

This goes in the HEAD of the html file:

Note the script in the BODY tag:

<body onLoad="sivamtime()">

This goes in the BODY of the html file: