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  Quotes of Ovid [71]

  1. All things change, nothing perishes.
  2. An evil life is a kind of death.
  3. Beauty is a fragile gift.
  4. Endure and persist, this pain will turn good by and by.
  5. Often they benefit who suffer wrong.
  6. Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it.
  7. Death is less bitter punishment than death's delay.
  8. The burden which is well borne becomes light.
  9. Use the occasion, for it passes swiftly.
  10. The result justifies the deed.
  11. Make the workmanship surpass the materials.
  12. The vulgar crowd values friends according to their usefulness.
  13. Let what is irksome become habitual, no more will it trouble you.
  14. Many women long for what eludes them, and like not what is offered them.
  15. Blemishes are hid by night and every fault forgiven; darkness makes any woman fair.
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