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  Quotes of Bertrand Russell [64]

  1. So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence.
  2. Indignation is a submission of our thoughts, but not of our desires.
  3. One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.
  4. Religions, which condemn the pleasures of sense, drive men to seek the pleasures of power. Throughout history power has been the vice of the ascetic.
  5. To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.
  6. Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.
  7. Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power.
  8. Anything you're good at contributes to happiness.
  9. It seems to be the fate of idealists to obtain what they have struggled for in a form which destroys their ideals.
  10. Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.
  11. Happiness is not best achieved by those who seek it directly.
  12. If all our happiness is bound up entirely in our personal circumstances it is difficult not to demand of life more than it has to give.
  13. A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short.
  14. Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.
  15. Boredom is a vital problem for the moralist, since at least half the sins of mankind are caused by the fear of it.
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