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JavaScript Page

Available here are 190+ scripts that can either be used as standalones or can help you enhance your web pages. These scripts have been created keeping in mind their usability, practicability and compatibility. They are free for anyone to use so long as they are not directly sold or added to a product on sale.

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Fitness Page

A simple home workout, with or without the use of weights, meant for those who do not like to go to a gym. Details about the training, motivation, exercises meant for the various muscle groups, lingo used, training Do's and Don'ts, the complete workout schedule and more.

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Quotes Page

Here is a collection of select quotes, most of which reflect my own philosophy of life, and as Nietzsche said, 'All philosophy is a form of confession'. There are more than a thousand of these gems, categorized under Authors and Topics, that I am sure will inspire, educate, elevate and entertain.

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Index of Birds

A comprehensive list of birds I have captured on camera itemized under Family Names. Bird photography is a hobby of mine and presently I am indexing the birds of Kerala. This index is thorough with links to detailed photos of the birds along with particulars like scientific name, size, diet and range.

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Photo Portfolio

I created this portfolio to showcase some of my recent photographs and use it as a platform to promote my work! This portfolio contains only a few of my photographs. Those interested in viewing my whole collection of photographs or purchasing any could contact me.

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The Business Page

What I like to do! Design web pages and photograph nature and its creatures! Follow this link to Sivam Design, the one stop shop for all possible web designing solutions for small businesses or personal sites and also a wide range of nature / wildlife photographs. Whether you intend putting up web pages that inform others about you, your organisation or your products; or need nature based artwork for your site, home or workspace; I can be of help.

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