• If you are contemplating a web presence, Sivam Design has the solution for you. Sivam Design is a small proprietary freelance web design company. I have more than fifteen years experience with web related work including web design, development and programming, and have the requisite knowledge of compatible open-source web technologies required for the successful delivery of complex web design assignments.

    At Sivam Design I work closely with my clients to understand their requirements and come up with appropriate solutions. Throughout the process of web design and programming, clients can keep in touch with me via e-mail or Internet chat sessions. I work with both, experienced clients who already have a web presence that needs improvement, as well as beginners who are starting out on the web. I am always available to answer any questions my clients may have.

    Having a web presence is becoming imperative in the Internet age. Whether you intend putting up web pages that inform others about you, your organisation or your products, with the help of a competent and reliable web designer you can make your presence felt. I can help you formulate a good overall package including text, page layout, colors, navigation and also logo if needed; all blended tastefully and optimised to rank high on the search engines. I can be trusted to do a professional job and have the required experience to satisfy even the most exacting clients.

    Sivam Design offers basic HTML websites or dynamic content web pages for personal sites or small to medium sized businesses all over the world. Due to low overheads I work at very reasonable rates. Contact me today to get the personalised service that you deserve and at the right price.
  • Photographs can be used to perk up any indoor environment or work wonders on the ambiance of a home or office. Or conversely also be used online to add colour to a website or blog or be used to illustrate a digital book or magazine. The possibilities are unlimited. Beautiful photos can also be used to make custom wall or desktop calendars that can enhance your work environment while providing a quick means to check availability of dates.

    Available with me are a wide range of nature / wildlife photographs, clicked and thus owned by me, that can be used as per the requirements of buyers. They can be framed, created into canvases or lithographs. The photographs can also be edited to look like watercolour paintings for aesthetics if the need so arises. If prospective buyers like a particular image they can be given the original with the license to use as pleased.

    I took up photography as a hobby and slowly got serious about it with experience. Also requests for permission to publish these photos of mine by various people inspired me and helped me get better. Presently many of my photographs can be seen on Wikipedia and have been published in books and magazines, both print as well as digital.

    Webmasters and businesses use images for their websites and marketing materials. Folks purchase artwork for their homes and workspaces. All of these images need to come from somewhere. Those interested in buying photographs or photo manipulations can check out my tagged collection of photographs, mostly related to nature. The tags help narrow down the search and help save time.
  • Web-design services that offer standards-compliant websites at competitive rates. I design visually appealing, widely compatible, user friendly, accessible and fast loading web pages. I have experience working on various kinds of projects including portfolios, directories, shopping carts, personal sites as well as customised web applications. I can also create custom scripts to power a variety of utilities like mailing lists, guestbooks, voting scripts and complex multi-page contact forms. In fact I also run my own JavaScripts site where users can pick up any scripts for free.

    The total construction of the text content of web pages can also be undertaken as and when needed after the important key-words are supplied and the nature of the business fully understood. I will also help in the maintenance and further development of the pages as and when required but at additional cost. The ownership rights of all the work I undertake is transferred to the client immediately on receipt of full payment for the whole project undertaken.

    Photography resourses are also available to help brighten up your living or work spaces. You could contact me for the purchase of prints or for custom work like the creation of calendars for your business or to be presented as gifts, corporate or personal. I also undertake design work for business or personal visiting cards, greeting cards or other sundry requirements. Publishers too could get licensed photographs for their publications. Photographs can be turned into customizable art that can be used for various purposes. If buyers find any suitable image in my collection they can contact me and I shall help them turn the images into any art form they desire.
  • Below are some of places you can find me online. Included are my Home Page and also social media and photography sites:

    My Home Page
    @ Flickr
    @ Google+
    @ National Geographic - Your Shot
    Buy prints @ ImageKind
    Contributions @ JavaScript Source
    Contributions @ Download Route
  • Personal:  

    Sandeep Gangadharan
    To purchase watercolour manipulations of photos like the ones seen below, and more, in traditional and contemporary styles, visit me @ ImageKind or Pixels.com.
    Wooded Landscape: Watercolour by Sandeep.