Web designing solutions

If you are contemplating a web presence, Sivam Design has the solution for you. Sivam Design is a small proprietary freelance web design company. I have more than fifteen years experience with web related work including web design, development and programming, and have the requisite knowledge of compatible open-source web technologies required for the successful delivery of complex web design assignments.

At Sivam Design I work closely with my clients to understand their requirements and come up with appropriate solutions. Throughout the process of web design and programming, clients can keep in touch with me via e-mail or Internet chat sessions. I work with both, experienced clients who already have a web presence that needs improvement, as well as beginners who are starting out on the web. I am always available to answer any questions my clients may have.

Having a web presence is becoming imperative in the Internet age. Whether you intend putting up web pages that inform others about you, your organisation or your products, with the help of a competent and reliable web designer you can make your presence felt. I can help you formulate a good overall package including text, page layout, colors, navigation and also logo if needed; all blended tastefully and optimised to rank high on the search engines. I can be trusted to do a professional job and have the required experience to satisfy even the most exacting clients.

Sivam Design offers basic HTML websites or dynamic content web pages for personal sites or small to medium sized businesses all over the world. Due to low overheads I work at very reasonable rates. Contact me today to get the personalised service that you deserve and at the right price.